We specialize in the development of complex web projects, professional branding and graphic design, support and automation of e-commerce projects.
  • Project

    B efore launching the project, we consider the approximate scope of work and references to determine the boundary and recommended budget of the future project.

    The next step is gathering the information to analyze the product on the market, competitors, niche, target audience and after this we develop the terms of reference.

    We recommend creating a prototype while designing web projects and programmes

    This step will allow us to analyze the behavioural factors of the customer that should lead to the target action.
    The development of a prototype will allow us to:

    1. prepare a schematic design of the project and take into account all the necessary details that will significantly reduce the risk of the future errors;
    2. plan the budget in a rational way and if necessary to adjust it at any point of the project;
    3. identify the priority objectives and plan the step-by-step launching of the product;
    4. visualize the idea which will help reduce the gaps, consider the set problem in a general way so it will allow all the team members to discuss, update and work together on the project.

  • Branding and graphic design

    B randing influences margins and marketing has an impact on sales. Both are of a great importance. If the project is being developed from scratch then we recommend to start with the corporate identity and prepare templates for the presentations, business cards and other promotional materials that accompany marketing promotion including billboards, city lights, leaflets, brochures, posters, banners , social network design and others elements. Corporate identity should unite the products to present them as a completely one thing.

    Our experience helps us find a simple but at the same time a convenient and beautiful variant to solve the set task. This greatly improves the further operation and function of your web service.

    We do not make pictures to decorate your organization but create real tools for the development of your business.

    We are honest with you and will not make false promises.

    Both you and we want to achieve the maximum result in promoting your project.

    Design and functionality makes the foundation that is laid once and for many years.

  • Development on Symfony and Nuxt.js (in special cases pure Vue.js)

    W e specialize in the design and development of projects with a complex business logic and non-standard solutions using the Symfony and Nuxt.js bundle.
    This allows you to create serious and secure systems with the possibility of high load but at the same time, we develop the framework that allows you to make programmes or websites simple, easy and convenient in work and management.
    We can say that this is the option when the web site works as a multifunctional platform.
    Such projects are created according to the customer’s needs.

    E-Commerce, Marketplace, B2B solutions, large portal, media project and forum greatly work while developing the project.
    In addition, the projects are easily scaled up, supported and developed in the future.

    Vue.js is not inferior to its top competitors React and Angular and it should be added that Nuxt.js (which is based on Vue.js) in turn allows you to create full-fledged sites without the loss of productivity and SEO, since the main data is generated on the server and is easily accessible by search engines robots.

    And thanks to GitHub, it makes it easier to work on a project in a team, allows you to create a convenient separation between Frontend (responsible for visualization) and Backend (database, structure and logic that is the brain of the project).